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Course Details

B.Pharm Course :

Pharmacy education in India has gone under remarkable changes to cope with the needs and requirements of Pharmaceutical industries and the community. Pharmacy plays a vital role whenever a cure for a disease is found. The Pharmacy has to do testing and research of medicine before introducing for the treatment. Pharmacists have become an essential part of the field of healthcare industries. The B-pharm course is the gateway to enter the sector of Pharmacy in healthcare and medical industries. Pharmacy industries offer the student the knowledge of developing drugs, regulating labs and testing for the quality check as per the student’s standard.

D.Pharm Diploma in Pharmacy

B.Pharm Details :

The full form of B.pharm is Bachelor of Pharmacy. The degree course B-Pharm is developed to report to all the stresses of the Pharmacy profession. However today the B.Pharm Education is fronting the challenge of coping with the fluctuating requirements of the industry. The Jamui College of Pharmacys Bihar is offering four years B-Pharm course that is organized considering the requirements of the industry. That will give motivation to students for their skills development. Thus the B-Pharm graduate students can start their career as Industrial Pharmacists, sales and distribution executive, Hospital and community Pharmacists, academic Pharmacists, etc. Post gathering experience in their role they can even move up the ladder to achieve the senior positions in Pharmaceutical industries getting handsome pay and perks.

Eligibility Criteria of B.Pharm

Students who want to pursue B-Pharm course must fulfil the following criteria:

  • The student must have passed 12th with subject Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry
  • In the above examination students have to secure a minimum of 50% marks
  • Students who have passed the D-Pharm Two-years diploma course are also eligible for the B-Pharm course.

The Course Duration of B.Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy)

Bachelor of Pharmacy is an undergraduate degree course in the field of Pharmacy. The duration of B-Pharm is four years. Post completing this course an individual can work as a Pharmacist or Chemist.

Educational Objectives of B.Pharm

The Jamui College of Pharmacys Jamui, strive for the accomplishments to encourage and approach boosting student to self-learning as well as lifelong learning that would provide the following skills in the duration learning.

  • Comprehensive Learning
  • Integrated professional knowledge.
  • Skills of research proficiencies.
  • Realistic hands-on training by competent teaching faculties.

Throughout our four years of our program, our trained Faculties make sure they walk you through the entire standard operation procedures for understanding the Human Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, and more. we believe in the holistic development of our students,

D.Pharma Details

D.Pharm Course :

D-Pharm is a diploma course of 2 years after your higher secondary in science with Chemistry, Physics, and either Mathematics or Biology as subjects.

Diploma holder is eligible 3 Year B Pharmacy, Diploma is an early start in the field if you require or further domain study, we provide the best faculties and types of equipment for learning and exposure, which develops best resources for domain and society of healthcare. This is the most preferred course for undergraduate students who want to start business or job pertinence to the Pharmacy. There are vast options postcompletion D-Pharm. You can pursue a career in both the public and private sectors. Community Pharmacies, hospitals, protracted care facilities, psychiatric hospitals and monitoring agencies. Sales & Marketing job sector also hires a maximum number of Pharmacy diploma holders

There are many career opportunities the Pharmacy field offers to the BPharm graduate. If you want your future to be in the Pharmacy sector, then you can choose courses like b-Pharm or D-Pharm. The details of both courses are listed below.

Course Duration :

The course duration of D-Pharm (Diploma in Pharmacy)

This is the 2 Years foundation course which covers the elementary information associated with the Pharmacy field. It encompasses all the subjects allied with the Pharmacy field.